Parents Shopping for School Shoes!

Tips for Australian Parents to Shop their Kid’s School Shoes

Kids’ feet grow through around 17 sizes of shoes in their first 11 years of childhood. Ill-fitting shoes can cause problems such as bunions, corns, and ingrown toenails in the adulthood, and this may even lead to surgery later in life. Below are a few incredible tips to buy a pair of school shoes that fit your kid perfectly.

Fit the Shoe

Whether a specialist measures your child’s feet in store, or you do the task yourself, be sure to measure both feet. Most people have either of their feet longer than the other, so it’s crucial to measure both feet. Moreover, experts don’t recommend buying oversize shoes, as different lace-up techniques can alter your child’s walking style and cause injuries.


School shoes at Brand House Direct are a necessity, and every parent should ensure they’re of better quality so that they can save money. Quality school shoes don’t wear out quickly and no need to replace them during the school year. A shoe with double-stitching and rubber around the toe area can serve a kid for a whole academic year.

Check Up for Growing Pains

In the past, parents would tell their kids not to worry when they complained of pain in their feet and legs. However, opinions have changed, and experts now recommend parents to take their children for a checkup if they complain of any foot or leg pain. Research has revealed that parents can prevent most foot and leg pain among children.

Avoid Slip-on Shoes

It’s unfortunate that eBay-savvy parents in Australia usually buy second-hand school shoes for their kids at garage sales or online. However, the shape of your child’s previous worn pair of shoes could cause pain to their feet. Moreover, podiatrists discourage parents from buying slip-on shoes for long-term use and instead recommend them to purchase buckle-up and lace-up shoes.

Note that Each Kid has Unique Feet

The bones in the feet of your kid continue to develop as their feet grow. Some kids have high arches while others have flat feet. As such, parents should look for stable shoes that provide external and internal support. Shoemakers often design varying styles for different shapes of feet, so parents can consult a professional shoe fitter when they’re looking for school shoes.

Buy New Shoes Every Australian Academic Year

You child’s feet will grow as they age, and they will need to replace their school shoes after every nine to twelve months. Your kid’s feet could also shot up in size, especially if the child experienced a growth spurt in the middle of the academic year. As such, you may ask a footwear fitter to measure their feet before you buy them a new shoe, shop school shoes at 

Let the Kid Fit the Shoe at the End of the Day

While an Australian parent can decide to wake up early to go to a local shoe store to get their kid’s shoes fitted, podiatrists recommend doing this during the late afternoon. Intensive activities at school can make your kid’s feet get a little swollen by the time they’re going home. As such, it’s wise to get their school shoes fitted after school.

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