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Football is a one-of-a-kind sport that requires a good pair of cleats in order to provide traction during the game. Having the right pair of cleats can make or break your playing performance. For this reason, you should consider the following factors when making your decision on what football cleats to buy from Brand House Direct.

The first factor you should consider in a new football cleat is the shoe style. There are typically three heights that you can purchase from Brand House Direct. These include high-tops, mid-cuts, and low-cuts. The actual height you need will depend highly on the position that you will be playing. Linemen are better off with the extra support of high-tops to decrease the risk of ankle sprains. Defensive backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, and running backs should opt for a mid-cut cleat that offers maneuverability. The low-cut cleats from Brand House Direct are reserved for those players who don’t feel comfortable in mid-cut cleats. Low-cut provides a higher level of maneuverability than the mid-cut but offers less overall ankle support.

Next up in your decision on buying cleats from Brand House Direct is the material that you get the shoe made out of. Leather is a breathable material that can keep your feet at a comfortable temperature. It’s typically flexible and durable. The only downfall to leather is that it can be overly expensive. The alternative material is synthetics. These are less expensive and provide a good level of reinforcement for your overall foot. Synthetics don’t have the same level of breathability and durability as leather does.

When you purchase cleats you can typically get two types. These include molded and detachable cleats. Molded cleats have permanent spikes attached to the outsole of the shoe. These molded cleats tend to be the most used and the least expensive to purchase. Detachable cleats are those that have removable spikes that can be changed depending on the field condition. These detachable cleats are extremely versatile and a good option for those who play at a professional level.

When purchasing cleats from Brand House Direct you should ensure that they’re widely available. This will ensure that you can get replacement laces and cleats when yours get worn out. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a broken cleat during a game with no way to fix it. By purchasing items that have replacement parts, you can be prepared for anything the game throws at you.

Football cleats are a unique type of shoe that adapts to the individual wearing it. We highly encourage you to consider all the factors listed out above before purchasing any cleats from Brand House Direct. This will ensure that you get the right cleats to do the job you need them to do on the field.

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