ANMF Take Action

Australia is facing a healthcare emergency.  The Abbott Government cuts to health have begun and our entire community will feel the effect.

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Australia’s largest health union, has launched our campaign against these lies, cuts and broken promises, to stop these changes before they have the chance to devastate the health of Australians.

Nurses and midwives are not prepared to stand by and watch Australia’s successful, sustainable system of universal healthcare be destroyed and we are joining with the community and calling on the Senate to reject these lies, cuts and broken promises.

Nurses and midwives believe that healthcare should be available to those who need it, not just those who can pay for it.  We are not prepared to stand by and watch the health of Australians be put at risk, especially the most vulnerable in our communities, such as the elderly, young families already struggling to make ends meet, people in regional and rural areas and low income earners.

Stand with us.  Take the pledge against these lies, cuts and broken promises.  Share your story about how these lies, cuts and broken promises will affect you, your family and your community on Facebook and twitter using #healthcareemergency.

When you share your story using #healthcareemergency, they will be automatically directed to key Ministers, MP’s or Senators so they know you are taking a stand against these lies, cuts or broken promises.

Urge the Senate to reject these budget broken promises.

Five Styles Of Womens Boots

Five Styles of Womens Boots

Spring is a time of transition, when cold weather meets warm. This makes it the perfect time to bust out some stylish women’s boots. They’ll look good and keep you warm during early spring’s cold spells. As the temps get higher, you can put away the heavy winter shoes and opt for womens boots that are better suited for balmy breezes and sunshine.

The key to being stylish in any season is to wear items that you love and that make you feel good about yourself. With so many types and styles of boots to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect look.

Ankle-Length Women’s Boots

Ankle-length boots come in a variety of styles and will work with almost every type of outfit. To elongate the appearance of the leg and keep them from looking cut off at the ankles, try boots with heels or combine them with short skirts. They work well with leggings in early spring.

Victorian-Style Women’s Boots

Victorian-style lace-up boots and booties add a touch of romance to an outfit. To avoid looking too old-school, wear them with this spring’s trendy bold patterns and bright colors. They can also be ultra-feminine if you pair them with flirty skirts and leggings. Go for the unexpected by combining these Brand House Direct with more modern trends.

Chunky-Heeled Women’s Boots

Chunky heels have returned in a big way. Once wardrobe staples, they faded from popularity after the ’90s. The look is once again in. Chunky-heeled boots are versatile. They work well with slouchy boyfriend jeans and moto jackets for chilly weather. They’re also fun when worn in contrast with girly floral dresses and ruffled tops.

Red or White Women’s Boots

Tap into this season’s color trend with boots that are white or red.

White boots are bright and light — perfect for spring. Pair white womens boots with light-washed denim for a cool, casual look. Match them with a midi skirt for a dressier occasion.

Red boots are a bolder, flashier alternative. They add eye-popping style to simple outfits, like jeans and a tee or an all-black ensemble.

Modern Takes on Classic Women’s Boots

Everything old is new again at some point. This includes classic styles like cowboy boots and biker boots. Designers have begun creating fresh, modern takes on them. For example, sleek black cowboy-inspired boots with steel toes, or biker boots with bright patterns.

Exercise Apparel Brand House Direct

Exercise Apparel Brand House Direct


When it comes to getting regular exercise to keep your body healthy, you require a whole new set of clothes. You need clothes that feel good when working out and don’t get in your way of maneuvering. By following the tips outlined below, you’ll be sure to purchase exercise apparel from Brand House Direct that you’ll love to wear regularly.

The first rule of appropriate exercise apparel shopping from Brand House Direct is avoiding rough fabrics. Fabrics that are rough to the touch tend to chaff the skin and irritate areas with repetitive motions. You want to opt for clothes that allow you to move freely and don’t constrict any part of your body. If you’ve ever shopped for exercise apparel from Brand House Direct or other stores you know that most outfits are made to be form-fitting. This can make you feel constricted. To avoid this problem, skip clothes that have a high percentage of spandex in them.

When you workout, you sweat. If you utilize a base layer that allows your skin to be completely soaked with perspiration, it’s going to be an uncomfortable workout. Instead, you should opt for materials that wick away sweat from your base layer. Polyester and other synthetic blends tend to do the best job at wicking away moisture. If you’re not a particular fan of synthetics, you can always opt for natural bamboo or wool as they will work to wick away the sweat as well.

The type of exercise apparel that you buy from Brand House Direct is going to be highly dependent on the types of activities that you do. For those who are doing yoga poses, you’ll likely want a more form-fitted top that will stay in place when doing these motions. If you’re into cycling, you don’t want long shorts that will restrict your movements. Take some time to consider the activities that you do and the types of movement patterns you need to be able to perform. These will give you a good list of qualities that you need to look for in exercise clothes from Brand House Direct.

The last tip we have for you when it comes to shopping for exercise apparel from Brand House Direct is to opt for pieces with technology features that accompany your needs. There are endless technologically advanced pieces of exercise clothing out there. From built-in UV protection to luminescent jackets, you can find technologies that will help to make your workout experience even better.

Finding the right exercise apparel requires more than just heading out to the store. You should think about the qualities that you would like to have in your workout clothes first. This will allow you to be better prepared when you go shopping as you’ll be assured that your needs will be met.

Factoring Brand House Direct Cleats

Buying Brand House Direct Cleats

 Rockport Mens TruWalkZero Lightness Mudguard Wide Fit Walking Shoes

Football is a one-of-a-kind sport that requires a good pair of cleats in order to provide traction during the game. Having the right pair of cleats can make or break your playing performance. For this reason, you should consider the following factors when making your decision on what football cleats to buy from Brand House Direct.

The first factor you should consider in a new football cleat is the shoe style. There are typically three heights that you can purchase from Brand House Direct. These include high-tops, mid-cuts, and low-cuts. The actual height you need will depend highly on the position that you will be playing. Linemen are better off with the extra support of high-tops to decrease the risk of ankle sprains. Defensive backs, wide receivers, quarterbacks, and running backs should opt for a mid-cut cleat that offers maneuverability. The low-cut cleats from Brand House Direct are reserved for those players who don’t feel comfortable in mid-cut cleats. Low-cut provides a higher level of maneuverability than the mid-cut but offers less overall ankle support.

Next up in your decision on buying cleats from Brand House Direct is the material that you get the shoe made out of. Leather is a breathable material that can keep your feet at a comfortable temperature. It’s typically flexible and durable. The only downfall to leather is that it can be overly expensive. The alternative material is synthetics. These are less expensive and provide a good level of reinforcement for your overall foot. Synthetics don’t have the same level of breathability and durability as leather does.

When you purchase cleats you can typically get two types. These include molded and detachable cleats. Molded cleats have permanent spikes attached to the outsole of the shoe. These molded cleats tend to be the most used and the least expensive to purchase. Detachable cleats are those that have removable spikes that can be changed depending on the field condition. These detachable cleats are extremely versatile and a good option for those who play at a professional level.

When purchasing cleats from Brand House Direct you should ensure that they’re widely available. This will ensure that you can get replacement laces and cleats when yours get worn out. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with a broken cleat during a game with no way to fix it. By purchasing items that have replacement parts, you can be prepared for anything the game throws at you.

Football cleats are a unique type of shoe that adapts to the individual wearing it. We highly encourage you to consider all the factors listed out above before purchasing any cleats from Brand House Direct. This will ensure that you get the right cleats to do the job you need them to do on the field.

Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Jane Shoes

The Mary Jane is a type of shoe that originated and became popular in the early 1900s. Since then, Mary Jane shoes have grown to include many different styles for every type of person – children, adult women, and even men. The shoe has a rich history spanning the whole of the 20th century that keeps strong in today’s time as well.

Although the Mary Jane itself – more specifically, the label – originated in the early 1900s, the style of shoe had actually been around for a long time before. When we talk about the history of Brand House Direct Mary Jane Shoes, it’s important to recognize that we mean the history of the shoe beginning from the point when it began to be called the Mary Jane.

The Mary Jane was named after a character created for “Buster Brown”, an American comic strip by Richard F. Outcault that first appeared in 1902. The 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair saw Outcault sell the licensing rights of “Buster Brown” to 200 companies, one of which being the Brown Shoe Company.

After being sold the rights, Brown Shoe Company produced live performances of the comic strip around the country in theatres, shoe stores and department stores alike. The performances became quite popular and the company then began to be associated with the comic strip. This is why it is commonly mistaken that Brown Shoe Company invented it.

In the comic strip, the specific style of shoe that the character Mary Jane wore became known as the shoe of the same name. Mary Jane shoes grew in popularity seemingly overnight and kept that popularity throughout the whole of the 20th century, although it did change and fluctuate depending on the styles of the time.

Each decade in the 1900s brought a new variation to the style of Mary Jane shoes, each one heavily influenced to other styles in the decade. The 20s saw a low 2 inch heel with a rounded toe, perfect for work or play all day and all night. The 20s also saw a variation of Mary Jane shoes called the “bar shoe”, which were often detailed with beautiful embellishments perfect for elegant evening wear.

Brand House Direct

In the 30s, Shirley Temple wore a pair of white Mary Janes in the popular film, “Baby Take a Bow”. The 40s saw a decline in popularity of Mary Jane shoes, although there was still a hint of them present in a chunky popular style. As the years went on, they continued adapt to the styles of the times and included high heels and pointy toes with fancy colors and patterns.

The 90s saw a huge revival of Mary Jane shoes with the grunge and punk scenes. This shoe was often white with a low, chunky platform heel inspired by the style of the 60s school girl. No matter how much the Mary Jane has been through, however, it still stays strong, hiding beneath the current trends and waiting for the perfect moment to rise again just as it has each decade before.

Work Boots

Work Boots: Boots for all Occasions

The importance of work boots for lots of jobs done today cannot be overestimated. A good pair is not only designed to protect your feet against slipping, construction related debris, chemicals, cold weather, and electricity. However, even the best work boot is useless if it is not comfortable to wear. Nobody wants to slog around all day wearing something that feels like a python is trying to swallow your feet. A nice pair of work boot should be comfortable as well as protective for your feet.
Work boots by definition, are footwear designed specifically for dangerous working conditions. They will generally have steel tips that house the toes. Even though they are called steel tipped boots the actual metal used can also be aluminum or even tough plastic. In fact, aluminum has become a popular choice because of its light weight. Some types will have a thin layer of metal on the bottom to protect the wearer from molten metal. Whatever the type it is one thing all work boots have in common is that they tend to be tougher compared to ordinary boots.
So, how does one choose the right one? That depends on several factors such as price, size and working conditions the boots will be used for. Another important factor is the safety factor which is displayed on the outside to show what safety level the boot is designed for. In the Unite States, safety standards are decided by ASTM which is a standards organization that decides construction related safety standards. They have devised different levels of safety for Work Boots From Brand House Direct which are indicated by different symbols shown on the outside of the boot. The following is a brief description of what they are.
1. Green Triangles means the boot has class one toe protection with a puncture resistant sole
2. Yellow triangles will be class two toe protection as well as puncture resistant sole
3. If the boot has an ohm symbol and white square then it will have electrical protection
4. Yellow square with SD symbol means anti-static capability
5. Red square and C means it will conduct electricity
6. Picture of a Fir tree indicates chainsaw protection
In Canada and California, the regulations will be a little different, but the basic principle will be the same. Canadian work boots will be certified under CSA or the Canadian Standards Association.
Some things to keep in mind
As with any work accessory, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying work boots, the following are a few of the important ones.
Boots with metal toes are usually not suitable for colder climates since they conduct temperature. The alternative would be to use boots with composite toes.
Look for a boot that has a sole and heel that can resist slippery surfaces, such as oil or water. The sole and heel should be puncture resistant when stepping on a nail. Nowadays they even make soles that are resistant to powerful acids.
If you are going to be climbing around a lot then you will need work boots with heels that are at minimum three-quarters of an inch in length.

Shopping for Womens Shoes Online

Shopping for Womens Shoes Online

Shopping for womens shoes online is something that’s more popular than ever before. Women all over the planet are turning to the Internet to explore all of the greatest options in footwear around. It can be easy to locate great womens shoes online. There are so many top-quality online retailers that focus on footwear for women, after all. People who are shopping for womens shoes online should focus on retailers that pique their interest. It can be simple to find womens shoes online that are suitable for elegant and sophisticated tastes. It can be just as simple to locate womens shoes online that are appropriate for cool, fresh and hip preferences as well. There are many Internet shops that cater to younger crowds. There are many shops that accommodate the footwear needs of older individuals as well. People who want to find womens shoes online that are ideal for work purposes should have zero problems. People who want to find womens shoes online, on the other hand, that are optimal for leisure, casual wear and beyond shouldn’t have any issues at all, either.

Reviews can be extremely useful to people who are shopping on the Internet for shoes. If you’re looking for fantastic Brand House Direct Womens Shoes Australia, you should prepare in advance. Don’t randomly select a footwear store that’s totally unfamiliar to you. You should prioritize footwear shops that have loyal customer bases and excellent track records and reputations. Prioritize footwear shops that have lots of great reviews from people, too. Forget shops that get lots of poor reviews. Your goal should be to give your money to a shop that has earned the respect of its target audience.

Hush Puppies Alissa Womens Leather Mary Jane Shoes

It’s important to look for footwear shops that have great return policies. It can be rather scary to shop for footwear on the Internet. That’s because online shopping doesn’t give people the opportunity to try shoes on beforehand. That can sometimes feel like a major risk. It can be daunting to buy a pair of high heels without trying them on first. It can be overwhelming to purchase a pair of sneakers for the gym without trying them on first, too. That’s why it’s 100 percent vital to find an online shoe shop that has a great return policy on its side. It’s critical to prioritize Internet footwear retailers that have exemplary customer service policies in general. If you have any questions about a shop’s customer service approach, don’t hesitate to ask prior to completing any footwear purchases. It can also be a good idea to interact with a shop’s staff members. If a shop has a friendly and responsive staff, that’s a terrific sign.

If you want to shop for womens shoes online, you have to be patient. Finding excellent womens shoes online is all about ample patience and perseverance. There are so many amazing pairs of shoes available for sale on the Internet. That’s why you need to take your time. Rash purchases frequently lead to significant regret at later times.

World’s Most Comfortable Shoes

Company Makes Claim That They Are The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes, Is It True?

We are all creatures who have our own opinions about the value of certain products, but sometimes we come together and can largely agree about one thing or another. Lately, Silicon Valley and many other parts of the country have decided what the most comfortable brand of shoes are. The decision is in and the brand that makes them is known as Allbirds.

The Wool Runner was the first shoe released and it went off with a bang. The company started to say that they made the most comfortable shoes on the market. The thing is, people started to agree that they really were the most comfortable shoes available. It was no longer just a marketing ploy. People who matter started to agree.

The big success for Allbirds in making comfortable shoes is that they really are comfortable shoes and that influencers agree. Influencers are basically people that the society turns to for answers about what kind of products they should buy. These are people that they trust, and for that reason they can have quite the impact on consumer spending. These days they are heavily in the tank for Allbirds.

Now, the company that makes the world’s most Brand House Direct comfortable shoes is back for another go. This time, they are releasing loafer style shoes that they promise will also be very comfortable shoes.

The comfortable shoes are made from an Italian style fabric just like the Wool Runners were. This is a fabric that the customers really loved in that first set of shoes. Now, they get to try them out once again but this time with loafer style shoes.

The founder of the company is Tim Brown and he says that he believes that this second round of shoes are a good compliment to the first set that was put out. These shoes are still about a casual type of lifestyle. That is to say that they are not overly formal but rather that they may be worn to nearly any event. If you are the type of person that needs a more formal shoe then perhaps these are not the right fit, but most of us just wear a casual type shoe anymore.

The founder says that Allbirds is about making comfortable shoes but that they do not consider themselves to be a fashion icon or brand. They do not care about looks as much as they care about making comfortable shoes that people love. They just want their customers to enjoy the experience of walking around in their comfortable shoes.

Some have raised issues about how durable these shoes are if they are worn all the time, and even the founder agrees that this can be a problem. However, for the average person who just wants to wear them sometimes and look good, this should be no challenge at all. Consider that, it is easy to see why these shoes have become the darlings of Silicon Valley and beyond. They are a great shoe which can help make the world a more comfortable place.

Planet Shoes Elate Womens Leather Comfort Flats